Matthias J. Ehrhardt

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Teaching (as Lecturer)

University of Bath, UK

2022/23 Numerical Linear Algebra, Lecturer [course description]

University of Cambridge, UK

2017/18 Inverse Problems (Mathematical Tripos Part III), Lecturer [course description][lecture notes]
2016/17 Inverse Problems in Imaging (Mathematical Tripos Part III), Lecturer [lecture notes]

Further Teaching

University of Bath, UK

2020/21 Analysis 2A, Tutor

University of Cambridge, UK

2015/16 European Summer School in Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Crime and Image Processing, Group Supervisor [download MATLAB demo (20 MB)]

University College London, UK

2015/16 UCL Medical Image Computing Summer School, Group Supervisor
2014/15 Inverse Problems in Imaging, Teaching Assistant
2013/14 Introduction to Matlab, Teaching Assistant
Mathematics for Statisticians, Teaching Assistant
Writing Scientific Papers with LaTeX, Teaching Assistant
Inverse Problems in Imaging, Teaching Assistant

University of Bremen, Germany

2010/11 Functional Analysis, Teaching Assistant
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